“Bleeding-Edge” Business: An Interview with John Storlie of Yakima Networking and Yakima Maker Space

This interview, recorded on October 30, 2013, features John Storlie, owner of Yakima Networking and co-founder of Yakima Maker Space, speaking about his approach to doing business in the for-profit arena, and how that experience lends itself to the Maker Space project, which is a nonprofit business.

Yakima Maker Space founders John Storlie, Robert Garlow, and Nathan Poel explain their purpose like this: “Our aim is to provide a space and the resources to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas within our community. This facility will combine access to professional woodworking, metalworking and digital fabrication tools with studio, gallery and event space. This platform will provide educational seminars by community professionals to further develop and broaden member’s proficiencies in a variety of materials and methods. Everyone deserves the opportunity to MAKE.”‘

Their project is currently in the development phase. You’ll find the building at 16 South 1st Street. To see a list of upcoming classes, including book binding, jewelry casting, and an introduction to sewing, visit http://www.yakimamakerspace.org.

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