Open Hardware Night at Yakima Maker Space


Maddie demonstrates her soldering skills.

Last night while I was out and about, I dropped by Yakima Maker Space‘s Open Hardware Night. I’m so glad I did. Forward-thinking, community-based projects like this just make me smile.

Open Hardware Night is a workshop that’s free and open to the public. Participants have the opportunity to explore all things related to open source hardware; things like 3D Printers, DIY CNC Machines, Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, and robots.

Residents and visitors are invited to bring in open source hardware projects to show off or work on, or to just come down and see what other  people are building.

High school students explain their 3D project.

High school students explain their 3D project.

It was thrilling to see the diversity of projects and meet the people working on them. Young and old were there sharing knowledge, having a great time, and brimming over with innovative ideas and plans to put them into action. It’s exciting stuff. Not only is this a great resource for our community, it also connects us to the latest nationwide (and even global) trends in education, entrepreneurship, and retail. Go, Yakima.

The next community workshop is scheduled for December 4th. Stay tuned to the Maker Space website and Facebook page for details.



Transforming a snowboard into a splitboard.

Sno, who works at Yakima Networking, is building her own 3D printer.


I loved bumping into Dani, my neighbor from Naches Heights.

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