Yakima Mother and Daughter Team Up to Help Combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking isn’t just a problem in other countries. It is rampant in the U.S., and even in our neck of the woods. (See KIMA’s 2012 report, “Human Trafficking a ‘Terrible Nightmare’ for Yakima Valley Families.”) Women are not the only victims, but they do make up the highest percentage.

Karrilee and Kayelyn Aggett learned about the issue of human trafficking from a speaker who visited Yakima. When Kayelyn was doing more research, she came across an organization that’s working to find solutions and decided to get involved. Today until 2:00pm, they’re hosting a jewelry party at their home. To attend, email dkaggett@gmail.com for the address. In this short video, you’ll hear their story and see what’s available to purchase.

It works pretty much like any other direct-sales event. You plan a party or event and invite people to come and make a purchase that will help Women at Risk International continue helping women to gain the employment that will help keep them out of slavery.

To learn more about Women at Risk International, to learn how to host a party, or to make your own jewelry purchase online, please visit their website. For further information on human trafficking in the U.S., visit Polaris Project’s National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

To join other human trafficking activists here in Yakima, follow the Yakima Valley Anti-Human Trafficking Network on Facebook, or check out Zonta Club’s activities.


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