Artist Andy Behrle Sends “A Love Letter to Yakima”

LaImagest Friday evening, Andy Behrle used the architecture of downtown Yakima as a backdrop to express his affection for his new home. The artist collaborated with Allied Arts, Makerspace, and Appleseed Media to create and deliver “A Love Letter to Yakima.” As he said in the next day’s Yakima Herald Republic article, the idea of the piece was to gather images of our valley’s beauty and bring them to the public in a way that captivates attention and inspires pride and creativity.

We thought you might enjoy getting to know the man behind the project, so we caught up with Andy at Casa Vittore this week and spoke him with him about his training, his interests, and what it’s like to interact with Yakima as an artist and a newcomer.  You can watch our 7.5-minute interview here.

TEDxYakima has also made Andy’s 9-minute  talk on the interaction of light and sound available here. You can explore his work and see more photos of the downtown Yakima project by visiting his website. And you can keep up with his doings by liking his page on Facebook.

Welcome to Yakima, Andy. Best of luck with building your geodesic dome!

One thought on “Artist Andy Behrle Sends “A Love Letter to Yakima”

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