Yakima Director to Premiere Award-Winning Film on February 7


Mark your calendars! We’ve just learned that after a successful run on the West Coast film festival circuit, Cement Suitcase will premiere in Yakima on February 7th at 7:00PM. The director and a few of the actors will be on hand for Q & A. According to the Twittersphere, tickets will go on sale next week.

Not only is the director, Rick Castañeda, from the Lower Valley, the film was shot there and it’s the very first movie to be set in the Yakima area. Pretty cool, eh?

The quick synopsis goes like this:

Cement Suitcase is a comedy about Franklin, the best wine salesman in the Yakima Valley.  He’s awesome at a job he hates, he’s in love with a girl who’s cheating on him, and he ends up renting a room to the same guy that broke into his house. Clearly, he’s close to the edge.  When the man who’s having an affair with his girlfriend invites him out for golfing lessons, it might just be the tipping point.”

Castañeda tells his own story on the official movie website; the Yakima  Herald published this article about the movie in October; and the full trailer can be seen on YouTube. Make sure to visit the Behind the Scenes page on the movie site for footage of the cast crew in action at Airfield Estates and other Lower Valley locations.

To keep up with the director and his work, follow @rickcastaneda and @cementsuitcase on Twitter. Facebook users can follow the film here and RSVP to the event here.

We’ll post to our own Facebook and Twitter pages as soon as we learn how and where to buy tickets.

suitcaseRick, we congratulate you on your success and thank you for shining a spotlight on our beautiful home. See you at the movies!

(Photo credit: Rick Castañeda)

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