Across the Pond and Back Again: Mary Portteus on Art Ministry and Travel Learning

ImageMary Portteus is taking her dreams to the next level.

For years, her business,  marymakesart,  has given her a way to merge hands-on creativity with the experience of long-term pain. Now her goals as an artist have expanded, and she’s ready to bring her unique take on creative expression to a larger audience. This spring, she is off to London to participate in an international leadership conference at the Royal Albert Hall. She’ll also be speaking to groups and meeting with individuals and families while she’s there.

Before Mary leaves, she’s laying important groundwork by raising funds and building partnerships with organizations. When she returns, that network will help her channel her experiences into ready-made programs designed to touch lives around the world.Image

In this interview, we talk with Mary about her approach to art ministry, the outreach she’s doing before the trip, and how she plans to put her London learning into action.

To support Mary’s work, attend The heART Show–an art auction this evening from 6:30-9:00PM at Yakima’s Foursquare Church–or donate online to her GoFundMe campaign.


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