The Applecart is a community-based media project that was founded on the belief that we all benefit when people talk openly about things that matter. This is a place where that can happen. Anyone can publish. Anyone can join the conversation.

We are particularly keen to curate material from or about the Central Washington area, but we welcome everyone who wants to publish. The site is meant to be a source of information and a platform for public conversation about things that are important and/or awesome.

As the blog title suggests, we enjoy shaking things up a bit. We invite you to interpret “trending topics and culture makers in Central Washington and beyond” in whatever way you want. We’re especially eager to hear perspectives that challenge and or add to what is being said on mainstream media channels. We can also accommodate Spanish-language writers.

To become a contributor, please send us an email.

Readers are invited to participate in conversation by commenting on posts. Hate speech, exploitation, and blatant self-promotion will be removed from the site, but otherwise, pretty much anything goes.

Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be kind. And remember, others don’t have to be wrong in order for you to be right.

–Maria & Mo

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